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4 Ways To Cure Post-Divorce Depression & Move On With Your Life

Depression is a normal response to tragic life events. Ending a marriage is ending a chapter of your life that you thought would last forever. It’s normal to feel depressed during and after your divorce. If you feel like you are sucked deep into a post-divorce depression, you need to find ways to ease the pain. Here are some things that you can do to try and climb out of your depression.

1. Write a goodbye letter

You certainly don’t need to actually send the goodbye letter to your ex-spouse, but writing it may help you get out all of the pent up feelings that are bringing you down. In your letter start my reminiscing on some of the good times you shared together. You married your ex-spouse for a reason, and you should celebrate the happy times that you shared together. Next, start talking about when you first realized things were going wrong, or maybe your regret of not noticing at all. You can talk about what he or she could’ve done differently, what you could’ve done differently, and anything else that is weighing on your mind. Finally, write a conclusion with the terms that you have come to about your divorce, and say goodbye the way that you want. You may find that the letter is liberating and it can help lay the path for you to move on to your new life.

2. Start a dream board

Go to a local store and buy a corkboard for your wall. You can hang it in your bedroom or home office to have a little privacy from guests. Start thinking about what you want out of life. Maybe you want a new job. Find pictures of some dream jobs, or maybe just write the job title down. Pin the pictures or words on your corkboard with a tack. If you want a different vehicle, a trip to Europe, or anything else out of life, put it on your board. Being able to see what you want to achieve every time you walk into the room will motivate you. Everything that you want to work toward will be in your view and you can feel a renewed purpose in life.

3. Go on a retreat

Going on a retreat can do a lot for your mood. You will get to go to a relaxing resort with likeminded people and focus on restoring your own mental health. You don’t have to belong to a church or organization to go on a retreat. You can find many online that are open to the public and focus on certain goals. Specific retreats include weight loss, creativity, yoga, spiritual wellness, and more. You might go home realizing what you really want out of life and make some lifelong friends along the way.

4. Divorce support group

If you find yourself lacking support from family and friends, find a divorce support group in your area. It might seem scary to go talk about your life in front of people that you don’t know, but you would be surprised how refreshing it can be. People at a support group are going through the same thing that you are going through. They can understand your circumstances on a deeper level than your friends who have never been divorced. In a time like that, it couldn’t hurt to make more friends either. You might gain a new perspective on your life than you didn’t have before talking things out with others in a supportive manner.

If you are suffering from post-divorce depression, try these tips to lift your spirits and begin the new chapter of your life. You might also consider checking out a divorce attorney firm online at to find a lawyer to represent you throughout the divorce proceedings.