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5 Factors In Determining Video Game Injury Cases

Video games are supposed to be fun entertainment options that transport players into a variety of different worlds. Sometimes the fun can be taken too far when a game causes a serious injury to a player. There are a lot of circumstances that go into a video game injury case. When you hire personal injury lawyers, they will break down several aspects of the case to determine who is exactly to blame and how the injury could have been prevented.

If you’ve been injured while playing video games, consider the follow five factors to determine if you have a potential case.

Manufacturing Defects

Months and years are put into the design elements of video game consoles and controllers. Whether it’s a design or manufacturing problem, there are multiple injuries that may occur. For example, if the controller is poorly designed, an injury could result in permanent hand damage. Sometimes the problem is not an overall design, but with the specific version that you purchased. It could have been poorly inspected or put together, resulting in problems. For example, if the battery contacts are misaligned, the controller could overheat and burn directly into your hands while you play.

Not only does this damage affect your ability to play video games, but it can expand over into aspects like working and seeking employment. When this is the case, your lawyer has more grounds to move ahead with a lawsuit.

Game Designs

The games that you play may have design elements that cause injuries. One of the biggest cases of this are video games that feature a lot of quick animations and flashing screens. This type of design has caused seizures and resulted in numerous personal injury cases. If the game does not have a proper warning prior to playing, then the company who created it may be held responsible for the injuries caused by the seizure.

Not only can a seizure cause you to pass out, but you may hit something like a coffee table and sustain further injury. Even if your injury is not as severe as a seizure, improper game design could cause dizziness and confusion. The results of this could lead to an injury.

Player Error

Before any case moves forward, a lawyer must determine how much of the injury was caused by a player error. For example, if you are playing an active video game and not wearing proper controller supports, a lawyer will not likely move forward with a case because you ignored safety precautions. If a company does not provide these safety guidelines, then a lawyer may look into that case further.

The same type of player error may occur for injuries that occur after playing games for extended periods of time. If you play video games for hours on end without a break, then you are putting health and safety risks on yourself. During a consultation, a lawyer will go over these factors and explain them clearly to you.

Video Game Services

Playing video games is not limited to your own home. Whether it’s an arcade or video game truck, injuries could occur at these locations, too. For example, if you are at a video game truck party and get injured, the truck owner is likely liable for your injuries.

If an interactive arcade malfunctions, the arcade owner is likely responsible for the damages and will be a part of any lawsuit that your lawyer files. For example, a pinball machine could malfunction as a ball hits the glass panel and shatters. Other examples include electric shocks from malfunctioning games.

Other Factors

As with any case, a lawyer will determine other factors that may have caused the injury while you were playing video games. Examples include TV problems, power issues, and an entertainment center collapse due to a poor design. Often, a video game is not solely to blame for the injury. Giving evidence and recalling events in as much detail as possible is the best way to plan out your case.

If an injury does occur, it’s important to get medical help before contacting legal help from a firm like Daniels Long & Pinsel. The medical papers can also help add evidence to the case.