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What to Do if a Trespasser Injures Themselves in Your Backyard Pool

If you have a backyard pool, then you know how tempting it can be for strangers to try to sneak into your backyard and take a swim. Even if you have a fenced in backyard, and have posted no trespassing signs, there are still people who will sneak in and swim in your pool without your permission. The trouble arises when they end up getting hurt. You will have to deal with potential lawsuits, as well as get the police involved. Here’s what you should do.

Contact The Police

If you see that someone is splashing around in your pool (maybe you have just arrived home and surprised them, or you’ve woke up late at night to the sounds) the first thing you need to do is contact the police. You don’t know what the situation will turn into. The person might be just a harmless teenager from the neighborhood looking to take a swim, but they also might be someone who could get violent. So, it’s a good idea to bring the police in. When the police arrive, make sure to get a report of what happened and ask for a copy. This is going to be instrumental later when you need to retain a litigation attorney.

Contact EMS If Necessary

If the person is outside of the pool and limping around, contact the paramedics and wait for assistance. Don’t offer any medical advice as you are not a doctor. You don’t want the person to later claim that you interfered and made the injury worse. Let the paramedics come to the scene and handle it.

Take Photographic Evidence Of Your Property

You want to be able to prove in a court that you had the proper signs and fencing up. So, take photos that night to document the scene. If you are able to, take video that includes the paramedics and cops. This will help to establish a proper timeline and the injured party’s lawyer will have a difficult time claiming that you took the photos later and placed signs and fencing up that was not there. Get as much photographic evidence as you can.

Contact A Litigation Attorney

You will need to hire a litigation attorney to deal with the lawsuits that might arise. The trespasser might get it into their head that this is going to be a big payday for them, and they might sue you for pain and suffering. Regardless of the fact that they broke the law and trespassed, they have the right to sue you. Whether or not that lawsuit is successful depends upon the counsel you have. So, find an attorney who is skilled at litigation and can prove that the person trespassed and disregarded the posted signs, as well as illegally bypassed the fence which was designed to keep them out.

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